I'm trying to help Leisha find her perfect home, can you help us?



This likely isn’t the first letter you’ve received about your house, but it IS the most important one and it’s VERY unique. Leisha has ensured me you’ll be happy I sent you this.

I’m the Realtor representing Leisha & Tecola, who are looking for a home like yours, right there in the Pocket. They are very discerning home buyers, and they are willing to pay a premium to get what they want. They are convinced this is the perfect area for them to live so I’ve only sent this letter to you and a few of your neighbors. Best of all, they are totally negotiable on closing date and possession date which would give you plenty of time to find another place if you’d like to at least consider selling while home values are currently high and interest rates are still below the 30-year average.

I know you are probably thinking “this is some kind of ploy or something” so I actually shot a quick video for you to tell you all about it. She wanted me to send this letter out to you so that’s what I’ve done. It’s pretty rare to find a home buyer this motivated so I thought it could be good for you or one of your neighbors as well.

You can reach me at my contact info below. Of course, it would just be an “exploratory” conversation with absolutely no cost and no obligation at all.

– Pablo

CALL, TEXT: (916) 218-8071
EMAIL: [email protected]

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In the lovely area of Pocket you’ll be in good company with around 45,547 residents with around 55% of those homeowners. With an average age of 43, the residents of Pocket are well established, made up of families of all age groups. Though fairly kicked back throughout the week, during weekends and holidays, you can see a lot more activity and excitement. Over the recent months roughly 97 homes have been sold with an average sold price of $607,660. That is a decrease of $21,856 from the previous period.

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