Teresa Ceja

Property Cleaner

Meet Teresa!

Theresa’s Pro Cleaning Services was launched over 15 years ago as a basic residential house cleaning business. Owner and Operator Teresita Ceja’s entrepreneurial spirit and desire to learn, seasoned with consistent referral business has catapulted Teresa’s Pro Cleaning Services in the full-service cleaning business it is today.  

Today you can count on T’s crew to offer full scale, deep residential home cleaning that’ll bring a tear to a white-glove OCD. Realtors rely on T’s crew to make their client’s property sparkle for pictures prior to staging and listing. Buyer’s Agents even call on T’s crew to sanitize and disinfect new homeowner’s houses before they move in. 

Teresa’s Pro Cleaning Services is a trusted and ethical property-cleaning business.

From residential, retail and commercial spaces, whatever your cleaning needs are, you can trust Teresa’s Pro Cleaning Services to clean the job right!